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Water Sky, by Jean Craighead George

Water Sky

By Jean Craighead George

The story, Water Sky, is about a boy named Lincoln Noah Stonewright.  Lincoln flies in a plane all the way to Barrow, Alaska. There he hopes to find Uncle Jack who disappeared there a long time ago.  In Barrow he meets Vincent Ologak, a whaling captain.  Uncle Jack went to talk to Vincent about limitations for whaling to prevent extinction.  All the Eskimo captain can think about though, is that the whale named Nukik will give himself to Lincoln Noah.  It was an ancient belief that animals would give themselves for a good cause to a worthy person. This would end years of suffering against Vincent’s people.

In the Artic, ice is everything.  The whale hunters camp according to the ice’s condition.  Spilled water hits the ground as ice, and Lincoln is in constant danger of sections of ice breaking apart and leaving him floating is the ocean.

When the whale is caught, Lincoln finds himself choosing helicopter rescue over Eskimo boat, and realizes that he will never be a true Eskimo.  Although he wanted to fit in, Lincoln now knows that he can’t.


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