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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

I. Introduction

a. Topic Sentence

i. Many people in the U.S. take water for granted and think of it as a thing that was always there for them.

b. Well, they should think again since in the old times, people had to get water from a well and had a limited supply. Water wasnt available through a faucet. Its not like that anymore, yet people tend to dont care about water conservation. Doesnt that word sound familiar? It means the management, protection, and wise used of water resources. There are hundreds of uses for water including drinking, cooking, cleaning, power, and farming. In other words, its essential. Some things that people do as a habit can result in less water for the community as well as themselves.

c. When you see people purposely let the faucet run freely, dont you want to tell them to stop it?

d. Or, when you see someone water the lawn on a day that was rainy, dont you feel so frustrated?

II.   Body

a.  Topic Sentence

i.    There are many different habits in which people waste a valuable amount of water.

ii.      One common thing is that people take extremely long showers and dont turn off the water when brushing their teeth.

iii.      Well, people who do this harm themselves by having to pay all of the bills and also harm the community by wasting all the water from the towns supply.

b.     There are also many ways in which we can conserve water.

c.       With all of these different reasons that people waste water, on the other hand, we can conserve water and help ourselves and our community.

d.      In the bathroom, we could check for toilets, pipes, and faucets for leaks. Turn off water when brushing teeth, replace an old showerhead, and limit showers to 5 minutes each, since each minute is about 5 gallons of water.

e. In the kitchen and laundry, run dishwashers/washing machines only when full. When washing dishes, dont let water freely and fill up second sink with rinse water.

f. Outside, use a sponge and bucket when washing your car (if you have one) and adjust sprinklers so only the lawn is being watered. Also, water the lawn every third day and during the cool parts of the day since the water could evaporate more easily and it would be a huge waste. Dont water on windy days, for obvious reasons.

III. Conclusion

a.When using water in any way, think twice!

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