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The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules

The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules


As we all may know, Hercules had performed twelve labors assigned by Eurystheus in Greek mythology, obeying Zeuss will. Now, Zeus has assigned Hercules a thirteenth labor that will take place in Lazar Middle School, in the faraway land called America. First, Hercules would have to travel to Montville, New Jersey from his place at Mount Olympus, for he was immortal by now. Upon his arrival at Lazar Middle School, he would have to be the custodian for a day without his super-human abilities and he couldnt be fired for any reason.

While Hercules was traveling towards Montville, he believed that this was an easy task for him, since he had completed twelve of the most vigorous labors. But the mighty Hercules had overlooked that he wasnt going to be able to use his strength or endurance for this thirteenth labor; he would have to be an ordinary custodian. After Hercules arrived at Lazar Middle School, the principal Dr. Kane dressed him up properly and gave him a schedule. Up until then, Hercules had thought that there wouldnt be much for him to do, but he was wrong. Right after Hercules suited up, the loudspeaker announced that they needed a custodian in room fifty-nine. While venturing through the empty halls, Hercules realized that it was impossible for him to identify the room numbers, for he was accustomed to Greek symbols.

Now it occurred to him that this task would be very difficult, even for the great and powerful Hercules. He tried everything that his brain could think of, from touching the Braille beside each door to asking the students where room fifty-nine was. In the end, he was somehow pushed into room fifty-nine and into the aggravated face of Mrs. Valdeon. She was very angry with him since she had been waiting for nearly an hour for someone to come. Since the problem was that someone had thrown up, some of her students had already cleaned it up.

All of Hercules efforts had been wasted and not long after, there were the three periods of lunch. While being in the Cafeteria, many things happened, especially on Aprils Fools Day, which was something Hercules never heard of. Since it was this day, everyone at lunch would drop at least one thing on the floor so you could imagine how much garbage Hercules had to pick up. After the horribly exhausting lunch periods were over, a bathroom was overflowing with water. He had to go and actually fix the toilet, even though he knew nothing about modern plumbing systems. Now this was a problem and not before long, the water had reached up to the windows and out into the halls. Everyone was slipping and sliding all over from the water.

By now, the principal was getting very irritated with Hercules, for he didnt seem to be able to do anything. He decided that if he failed his last job, he would fire him. The last job was very impossible because Hercules had to switch every locker combination by one digit. First of all, he didnt know the modern numbers and he didnt understand what he had to do. So, he just twisted the dial any way that he wanted and by doing it this way, he had no way of knowing what the final combinations were. Hercules did this to every locker in the school and after he was done, no one could open their locker and no one knew what the locker combination was.

As a result, Hercules was fired and the school was never the same. The students had to lug all their books to each class while their lockers were being replaced. Hercules had ruined the school by wasting about a thousand dollars for the lockers and by exhausting the students. From all the other labors, Hercules had gained fame, honor, and respect, but this time all Hercules gained was shame, disgrace, and humiliation. He had not completed his thirteenth and final labor so he was sent back to live with the mortals until he could accomplish the thirteenth task. Until then, he lived his life full of indignity.

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