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Important People in History

Three of those present (George Mason and Edmund Randolph of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts) refused to sign what they considered a flawed document.

An ailing John Dickinson of Delaware was unable to attend the Conventions final session but had fellow delegate George Read sign his name in absentia, for a total of 39 signers.

Society of the Cincinnati: Washington was elected the first President General. He served from December 1783 until he died in 1799. The second President General was Alexander Hamilton.


Oliver Ellsworth


Random History Facts

September 18, 2003

Period 8


Social Studies

1.     Three states border New Jersey

2.     If I lived in Sussex County and traveled to Ocean, I would be traveling southeast.

3.     Sussex, Passaic, Essex, Union, Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren border Morris County.

4.     The current Governor is James E. McGreevey.

5.     Morris County got its name after Colonel Lewis Morris, who was the Governor of New Jersey.

6.     The top seven largest New Jersey cities are Newark (273,546), Jersey City (240,055), Paterson (149,222), Elizabeth (120,568), and Edison (97,687).

The Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention – 1787

55 Delegates:

21 who were 40 or younger

  1. Gunning Bedford Jr. (40)
  2. Jacob Broom (34)
  3. Abraham Baldwin (32)
  4. William Few (39)
  5. William Houstoun (32)
  6. Luther Martin (39)
  7. James McHenry (33)
  8. John Francis Mercer (28)
  9. Rufus King (32)
  10. James Madison (36)
  11. Edmund Randolph (34)
  12. Nicholas Gilman (32)
  13. Jonathan Dayton (26)
  14. Alexander Hamilton (32)
  15. John Lansing Jr. (33)
  16. William Blount (38)
  17. William Richardson Davie (31)
  18. Richard Dobbs Spaight Sr. (29)
  19. Charles Pinckney (29)
  20. Jared Ingersoll (37)

Leaders and Presidents

May 15, 2004

Period 8

Martin Luther King Jr. deserves to be one of the most revered leaders and revolutionists in the 20th century. He has shattered the shackles of segregation, racism, injustice and purified the futures of blacks everywhere. His dangerous spell-binding voice along with his biblical cadences drew countless numbers of people to follow beneath his footsteps. Kings courage was always unswerving and defiant, facing hundreds of death threats and endangerment towards his family. Through his famous speech I have a dream, King demanded several injustices to be righted with words such as: We have come to our nations capital to cash a check. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check; a check which has come back marked insufficient funds.

Christianity and Medieval Civilization

A.     Christianity and Medieval Civilization

1.      Christianity was an integral part of the fabric of European society and the consciousness of Europe

2.      Papal directives affected the actions of kings and princes alike, and Christian teachings and practices touched the lives of all Europeans

3.      The Papal Monarch

a.      Since the 5th century, the popes of the Catholic church had reigned supreme over the affairs of the church

b.      They had also come to exercise control over the territories in central Italy that came to be known as the Papal States, which kept the popes involved in political matters, often at the expense of their spiritual obligations

Jamestown Letter

September 29, 2003

Period 8

Jamestown Letter

Dear family and friends,

I have forgotten to write you a letter with things here so busy. Just to let you know, I have chosen to become a blacksmith and it is a vital job in the Jamestown colony. Its a demanding occupation, but also a well-paying one. When Im not at work, I enjoy smoking tobacco from my old pipe, playing dice with my fellow cronies, and whistling from an instrument I made out of wood. Once stumbling across this territory along the James River, I have been eating a different diet from at home. My favorite foods include raccoon, tortoises, and the sturgeons just to name a few. Other foods I enjoy include oysters, gulls, herons, and rays. In case you were wondering why I have come to Jamestown, its because I feel the need for adventure. I want to strike it rich and find gold here and also discover a water route to eastern Asia. Furthermore, there are many different things you need to know about the colony.

Chapter 5: Rome Short Answers

Chapter 5: Rome Short Answers

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci was considered to be the greatest European mathematician of the middle ages. He was born around 1175 in Pisa, Italy. He lived there and also in North Africa since his father, Guilielmo Bonaccis, job was to represent the merchants of the Republic of Pisa that were trading in Bugia (Mediterranean port in northeastern Algeria). In North Africa, Leonardo was educated and his father wanted for him to become a merchant and as a result, arranged for him to be taught calculation techniques, especially those with the Hindu-Arabic numerals. When he took trips to Egypt, Syria, Greece, Sicily, and Provence with his father, they were very important. It was important when he finished Liber Abbci (known as Book of Calculating), published in 1202, and the Practia Geometriae, published in 1220, which were his mathematical compositions. Fibonacci worked on a lot of areas in math including algebra, geometry, and number systems. One of the most important things he did was to find the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 ). The pattern is to add the previous two numbers to get the next number. He also introduced Hindu-Arabic numbers to Europe and if he didnt, wed still be using Roman numerals. Around the age of 80, Leonardo Fibonacci died in 1250 at Pisa, Italy. In all of his life, he never got married, but he was very healthy.

China Narrative Essay



Favorite Activity Essay


Letter to Major Michael Mahon

Dear Major Michael Mahon,

First of all, I would like to thank you for serving our country and risking your life to fight for what is right. I am very gratified for you being brave and courageous and going to Iraq to fight the war. There are many things that are happening back in the United States and many changes have occurred at Lazar Middle School (formerly known as Central Middle School).