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Pegasus Poem


As I look down from up high in the sky,

I, Pegasus, see all and remember.

The great heroes of my life,

Whirl about my memory.


While trapped within Medusa the Gorgon,

I new someday my hero would come,

And come he did, and set me free.

Perseus!  Off came Medusa’s head.


Out! Out! to the Muses I came!

Free! Free! running with glee!

Fly! Fly! joy everywhere!

Wild stallion of the sky.


Then one day, while I was out,

Bellerophon brought my halter.

We went chasing Chimera,

The molten lead stuck in her throat.


As Bellerophon’s horse of great,

Numerous places did we go.

Bellerophon became quite vain;

I threw him off at command of Zeus.


Much glory became at hand

As thunder carrier of Zeus.

Mount Olympus as my home,

Up among the clouds I did fly.


Yet my time was still to end,

Little glory to be one.

Being the mortal from Medusa,

Sometime I had to go, forever.


When my time had come at last,

Stunned, my name grew known again.

Up in the sky Zeus put me,

A great constellation of stars.


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