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Memoir: Trip to China


Among my most fantastic and exhilarating trips is my trip to China in the summer of 2002. Now, China is a very large and vast country located in Asia and there are many places as well as climate regions throughout it. I happen to like Beijing and Harbin the most overall because they are where my parents are from and we visit there every time we come back. One time, when I went to Harbin by train, one of my father’s friends took my family and me on a tour guide trip to this place that was a ski resort. We went there with a bunch of other friends and rode on the world’s longest toboggan run. It was so fun riding down the track at full speed, which was about 40 miles per hour! Then, another time in Beijing, my family, my uncle, and I went to this street that was famous for its many items of clothing and bags. They sold things for a very cheap price considering that the exchange rate is 8 U.S. dollars to 1 Chinese dollar. There, we bought many various things and it totaled up to 800 dollars, Chinese currency. That’s about 100 dollars in U.S. dollars and we saved about 300 U.S. dollars! That’s a little taste of how China is. Now, we’re going to the main course.

As one of my favorite cities, Shanghai, China would capture anyone’s imagination and take them on a trip of a lifetime. Shanghai has so many things to do, from shopping to riding on a ferry. First of all, the highway system, which is very complex, and the monorail get everyone to places they want to go. The highway is stacked with many layers and different roads going in different directions. Another thing is that most of the hotels are 4-star or 5-star for a comfortable place to stay in. Shanghai has a huge historical background because it was once a major port. Different countries stopped and came by this new place and built buildings along the coast for a landmark of their arrival. Soon, the coast was full of brand new buildings from different countries. The whole city is about 10-20 years old! More and more homes are being built for the many people that want to live in Shanghai. Shopping is another great thing. The clothes are the cheapest and the highest quality. People from all over the world come to Shanghai just to buy clothes. Another thing that attracts tourists is the famous Shanghai skyline at night. It’s a very miraculous and stunning sight to see. As you can picture Shanghai, it’s a very interesting and thrilling place to spend a vacation in and discovering the sights and sounds.

One of the most important reasons for my family going to China is to see my relatives. I have many relatives and it takes up about the whole summer living with them and visiting them. It’s a very interesting experience because you go on a train to go to each place and you find out how similar and different each place is. On my dad’s side, he has three brothers and they are my uncles. They are very fun to hang around with and play with. This time going to China, only one of my uncles was available. The other two were on business trips. One is even in Venezuela, South America! One of my cousins, who is 19, is really fun and I like him the most. We do so many things together and he teaches me things in Chinese while he is practicing his English. He is fairly good at it. On my mom’s side, she has one brother living in California and my grandma’s sister lives in Beijing. We usually stay at her house since its air conditioned. There are so many possibilities for my relatives and I to have fun together, but each time, it’s a great adventure for me.

Another one of my favorite cities consists of Beijing, the capital of China as well as its center of economy. Beijing’s history has come a long way and is 4,000 years old! A lot of emperors have lived in Beijing and made it their capital. Beijing has many important people living there including the president of China. There are also the best universities in Beijing so many intelligent individuals live there, too. There are also so many historical sites to see that one wouldn’t be able to finish in one day. Some attractions, including the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, and the Forbidden City attract millions of tourists each year. The Forbidden City has housed 24 emperors that ruled China from there during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911 AD). The Forbidden City is given its name because commoners were barred from entering the palace grounds. Also, it is now one of the largest and best preserved palace complexes in the world. The Summer Palace was another great palace that was a summer residence where the imperials would go to escape the sweltering heat of the Forbidden City. The Great Wall of China has been standing for over 2,000 years and was built between 5th Century BC and the 16th Century AD. As you can see, Beijing is mainly made up of history and historical sites. Tourism basically makes up Beijing.

China could be a very interesting place and has a lot of history. In the summer of 2002, I found that out when I went on a tour guide consisting of 10 days. We went in a huge semicircle and visited eight cities. Also, we climbed the Yellow Mountains of China; the most majestic and beautiful place. We climbed up, lived on top, and then climbed back down for a total of two exhausting and exciting days. This time, going to China has been a great experience and since I am older, I understand how Chinese people live and work. Did you know that China has many different delicacies and different tastes within each area? I learned that on my tour group by driving to different cities and eating the special foods that they made in the different regions. In conclusion, anyone could say after visiting China, it could “tickle your funny bone.”


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