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Evolution and Extinction

a. One of the greatest mysteries on Earth is the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is not one sole reason for the mass annihilation of dinosaurs as well as other organisms after the Mesozoic Era. Among the most prominent proposals include a global climatic change or the impact of a meteorite from outer space. Although the dinosaurs were incapable to adapt to their new environment, many other animals were able to cope with their habitat such as the mammals, birds, brachiopods, and nautiloids that all survive until present day, emphasizing the fact that not every form of life became destroyed. A particular species, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, could have become extinct from the lack of food, the inability to produce offspring, or competition among the individuals in the species. These basic requirements for a species to evolve could have hindered the processes for the dinosaurs to survive and adapt, therefore causing complete extinction.

b. On the other hand, species that flourished due to their advantageous characteristics include the millions of rats throughout earth, infesting every single crook and cranny. These species have an extraordinary ability to reproduce more offspring than the environment could support, as evidenced by the fact that these rodents overrun disheveled and abandoned households everywhere. These pests prosper due to the fact that they survive cooperatively without much competition and through natural selection, where the beneficial changes are passed from one generation to another. For example, some rats are excellent swimmers, some could eat anything edible, some could build a home anywhere, and they always seem to find a way to live and aggravate us until an exterminator is hired.



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