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Declaration of Independence from Fatigue

When artificial obstacles are encountered, a detachment is essential if the People’s natural laws are breached.  These laws include the actions governing everyday life, the thoughts functioning as a basis of understanding, and the emotions influencing our actions.  We as humans under the Gods of our choice have the duty and privilege to declare the causes for this disjunction from fatigue.

All Women and Men are born with the same innate rights granted by their Creators to establish an unstressful society in which the values of relaxation, rejuvenation, and the pursuit of tranquility are upheld.  However, the unpredictable, oppressive, and exasperating events of teenage life impede the congruity of the river of vitality.  The human mind is a dictatorship governing consciousness and all its related liberties.  Perpetually, we oppose our minds in such a way that contradicts its emotional intentions, and we incessantly exhaust ourselves with the struggles presented to us each day.  Although the responsibility of the mind is to rule over the body, the two areas are independent of each other.  Sometimes, fatigue overcomes this barrier and affects the purpose of both the mind and body.  We are incapable of instituting any new form of order because freedom is hindered by the ideal of striving for excellence in education.  The process of achieving an outstanding grade wears us down to the point of obsession.  We are willing to sacrifice valuable repose to accomplish this goal.  Happiness cannot be attained when we adhere by these unjust and biased principles.  The history of fatigue is one of repeated lethargy that leads to an incredible tyranny of stress which cannot be harnessed by the human mind, as explained below.

It has obstructed our ability to think and judge accordingly during times of great need; it dulls our senses in an unfavorable manner.

It has deceived us by concealing the truth and emphasizing the wrong.  We are either too weary to search for the answer or we accept a partially true response due to a lack of a better one.

It has created a dream world where all thoughts are slowed down, and they cannot be processed thoroughly or correctly in the mind.

It has built stress up into a mound of despair over the years that cannot be dissolved or dissipated.

It has created a trance among us, which we do not wake up from entirely and hence we confuse reality with the supernatural.

It has deteriorated our physical appearances by prohibiting a substantial amount of beauty sleep that is supposed to enhance physique.

It has not allowed us to recover fully the energy we so dearly require, and so we are always half a step behind our potential energy output.

It has diverted our attention away from the lesson or topic of importance during school and has transformed it into oblivion.

It has inhibited our reflexes and responses, and therefore, it averts our concentration in the course of driving a motor vehicle.  This consequently leads to fatal accidents that further destroy human lives.

It has led us to resort to demeaning and unhealthy means of combating the fatigue, such as drinking coffee or soda and eating chocolate or candy bars to reach a status of hyperactivity.

It has coerced us to fall deeply into a slumber even though we did not wish to go to sleep at that exact moment.  Thus, whatever we were doing at that time would not be completed with our full consciousness.  For example, because studying strains and tires our mind and body, we tend to unexpectedly fall asleep while in the act.

It has caused us to sleep for a longer time period than we had earlier desired.  As a result, it has generated tardiness in school.  After repeated offenses of being tardy, a central detention may be acquired for such a trivial matter.

It has conceived laziness, resulting in a build-up of procrastination in our work and inducing us to perform poorly in our classes.

It has depleted our energy source so our physical and mental capabilities are limited rigorously.

With every step we have taken forward, we have regressed into a state of disunity.  Our repeated attempts at peace with fatigue have resulted in a stern denial.  We have tried to relax on weekends, holidays, and vacations but somehow, the fatigue seems to pervade.  We have tried to consume caffeine beverages and sugary candy, but they have not succeeded in ridding of the exhaustion.  Even with the addition of blaring alarm clocks screeching at six o’clock at dawn, cold showers giving us goose bumps, and the coming of daylight savings time, the fatigue still remains as immovable as a boulder.

As representatives of the Confederation of Amicable Leisure Seeking Hedonists (CLASH), we hereby declare absolute independence from the awesome powers of fatigue and its inevitable as well as detrimental effects.  This severance will allow us to utilize our time and effort in a productive approach, establish an unstressful environment, and think clearly without any sort of impediment.  Under Gods, we conjointly pledge to each other all of our remaining energy, focus, and strength to this affirmation.


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