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Letter to a Customer

Dear customer,

Our company policy is to ensure our customers the best quality and price for all our items in the store. We have all the value and service you need to get your item(s) quickly and enjoyably. We are a company of Uncapped individuals and live in different parts of the White Mountains (Alps) where we manufacture these products for you so you can use. We dont share our methods of making these products to anyone. Our secret has led into business so good people can once again live freely on Earth. The formula of PRICE + SERVICE = VALUE has been used throughout this companys history. This is the company rule to treat customers. We have to have price and service to succeed.

SERVICE: We treat our customers with respect and listen to everything they want. Doing business and providing great service will get things done faster and guarantee you the product for a great price.

PRICE: You can make sure you are getting the lowest price out there. We manufacture the finest products and equipment and believe that it is a pain to wonder if you got the best price and comparing prices with others. The solution is simple. Just tell one of our employees or messengers that are found everywhere near the Alps and far-off as well. They will get the message quickly to our warehouse and we will get the product to you as fast as possible. We cannot tell you the system we do this in because it is too risky to the broad amount of readers that are going to or already reading this letter.

My employees and I are proud to sponsor the growth of Tripod resistance and proud to share the experience. The best items at the most affordable price and best service are all at FfROWMs and TRACC stores. So remember that FfROWMs and TRACC stores provide the best price, service, and value you can find anywhere. Please buy all you please and the great thing is that there are many discounts now and then.

, President

P.S. Thank you everyone for your continued support and feedback.


FfROWMsFreedom for Residents of White Mountains

TRACC Tripod Resistance Against Control + Capture

Both companies agree on the fact that: Those who are Capped never knew the true meaning of their life and should not have come into being without intelligence. (Not to insult anyone)

What Each Company Manufactures

TRACC– outdoor ware and different weapons/tools

FfROWMs– various disguises, repellants, clothing, and invisible devices

*WARNING*: This catalog is strictly for the Uncapped and if found by Capped, this catalog will rapidly demolish. It has sensors inside the cover and pages that sense the presence and touch of a Capped person.

We will match the lowest printed price of any current European Tripod Resistance (kind of company with the same purpose) catalog.

Remember, we have a lifetime guarantee on all our items in the shop so relax and enjoy what you got or will get from here.

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