boost memory

boost memory

October 25, 2003,   Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: How can exercise boost memory? How does age affect memory boost?

Early/Pre-observations: –An exercise routine could help memory improvement

-With age, one type of memory automatically improves

-There are physical differences between brains that have a better memory than others

Questions: –What do you do to improve your memory?

-Does physical health affect mental health?

-What aspect of memory improves with age increase?

Hypothesis: By exercising and losing weight, people could increase their memory. Exercise tends to reduce the amount of tissue lost as age increases and losing weight will improve how glucose regulates. Improved glucose regulation is associated with better memory.

Mars Expresss

Mars Expresss

December 14, 2003, Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: What is the Mars Expresss purpose? When will the Mars Express reach Mars?

Early/Pre-observations: –The Mars Express will reach Mars during Christmas

-The Mars Express is a spacecraft from Europe

-The Mars Express took a photo 5.4 million km away, which shows the camera is working.

Questions: –What will the Mars Express be doing at Mars?

-Are there any specific experiments it will perform?

-What countries are involved in this expedition?

How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause

How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause

September 20, 2003, Period 3  Current Events

Problem/Objective: How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause? How much money will it cost to repair the damages?

Early/Pre-observations: –This involves the whole east coast

-The hurricane is extremely large and powerful

-The hurricane will weaken slightly as it moves up north

Questions: –Where will the hurricane mainly be hitting?

-How can Americans prepare for this storm?

-What are the forecasts on the storm?