The Poet, the Host, the Miller, the Reeve

Two levels of character, the Poet, the Host, the Miller, the Reeve.


On an April day, twenty-nine pilgrims leave the Tabard Inn for Canterbury; Chaucer places Robyn the Miller at the head of the pilgrimage with the Host, Harry Bailey.


The Knight’s tale, epitomizing the genre of courtly love, initiates Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales on a proper



lassicism (sometimes referred to as neoclassicism) is the principles and aesthetic attitudes emphasizing form, simplicity, proportion, and emotional restraint based on the culture, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome.  Classicism in literature is predominately inspired by antiquity and characterized by the faithful adherence to ancient aesthetic ideals rather than individual expression.  Furthermore, classical poetry was written with an aura of pride and  “denotes the imitation of Greek and Latin themes … [as well as] the imitation of Greek and Roman literary forms in composing works on any theme” (137 Preminger)  Either way, classical writers maintained a “rationality and universality [in] their themes” (139 Preminger).  Notable English classical writers are “John Dryden (1631-1700), Thomas Rymer (1641-1713), and Alexander Pope (1688-1744)” (139 Preminger).  Their poems were inherently conservative, prideful of the ancient ideals, and express distrust in innovation and change.  In Essay on Criticsm, Alexander Pope describes the philosophy of classical poetry as:

Spanish Vocabulary Review

El Bate   Bat
El Guante (de béisbol)   Glove
La Pelota (de béisbol, de tenis)   Ball—small
La Raqueta (de tenis)   (tennis) racket
Los Bolos   Bowling
El Golf   Golf
El Hockey   Hockey
El Palo (de golf, de hockey)   Golf club, hockey stick
El Disco de hockey   (hockey) puck
  Meter un gol To Score a goal
  Correr To Run; jog
  Levantar pesas   Lift weights

Spanish 7-Eleven Skit

Skit #2


PL:  ¡ Hola!  ¿ Que pasa?

B:  ¡ Hola!  ¡Excelente!  ¿ Que pasa?

PL:  ¡ Excelente!

B:  ¿ Como te llamas?

PL:  Soy Pablo-L.  ¿ Y tu?

B:  Soy Benzy.  ¿ De donde eres?

PL:  Soy italiano.  ¿ Y tu?

B:  Soy italiano.

(Walk into 7-11.)

DP: Dé la bienvenida a siete once. ¿ Hágalo como slurpee?  Cinco dólares.

B:  ¡ Hola!

PL:  ¿ Como te llamas?

DP:  Soy Domingo-P.  Pay cinco dolares.

B:  ¿ Que tal?

DP:  ¡ Estupenda!

Carbonyl Compound Lab

Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds

Organic Chemistry II Lab

April 6, 2000

Physical Constants:




Water H2O 18 0.0 100 1.0
Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 98.08 10.31 337 1.8
Methanol CH3OH 32.04 -97.6 64.6 0.79
Sodium Acetate NaC2H3O2 82.04 324 1.53



UNKNOWN DNP TEST Semicarbazone


Possible identities

(based on MP)

COLOR MELTING  POINT (oC) Color Melting Point (oC)

Math Story

The setting is Ohio State University about six or seven years ago in a huge lecture hall (approximately 1000 students) for a Calculus final. Apparently this particular calculus teacher wasn’t very well liked. He was one of those guys who would stand at the front of the class and yell out how much time was remaining before the end of a test, a real charmer. Since he was so busy galavanting around the room making sure that nobody cheated and that everyone was aware of how much time they had left before their failure on the test was complete, he had the students stack the completed tests on the huge podium at the front of the room. This made for quite a mess, remember there were 1000 students in the class.

Math Poem

I have many memories of senior math.

To take it would be to suffer wolf’s wrath.

I started the year with hope,

But now im stoned like im on dope.


First marking period I got a B,

Which soon dropped to a C.

The midterm was impossible,

Because I messed up the integrals.


I always fell asleep in class,

Which is why I didn’t pass.

As of now my brain is fried,

Even though I never tried.


And the one thing I’d leave behind,

Geometry Report on Lacrosse

The Lacrosse Goal

My experiences and interests as a lacrosse player have driven me to complete a project concerning the lacrosse goal. As one may already know, the main purpose of the game of lacrosse is to score a goal against the opponent. In order to win, a team needs to obtain the most goals. With this importance of scoring and my fascination with lacrosse in mind, I will take it another step using geometric principles. Although it may not be thought of as essential to winning, the area in which a player may shoot at does indeed have a significant impact on the probability they will score.

Spanish Math Quiz


1. Cuarenta y cinco mas treinta y siete son

2. Setenta y tres menos dieciseis son

3. Cincuenta y dos mas quince son

4. Ochenta y ocho menos sesenta y siete son

5. Noventa y nueve menos veintiuno son

6. Diez mas setenta y cuatro son

7. Veinticinco mas sesenta y ocho son

8. Cien menos cero son

9. Once mas veinte son

10. Treinta y seis menos dieciocho son