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Black Boy and Chanclas Vocabulary

September 30, 2003

Period 5



Black Boy and Chanclas

Gaunt- (gnt), adjective- Thin; underfed-looking

Hostile- (hstl, -tl), adjective- Unfriendly

Baffle- (bfl), verb- To puzzle or confuse

Insistent- (n-sstnt), adjective- Demanding

Still- (stl), verb- To quiet; calm

Restriction- (r-strkshn), noun- A limit

Dispirit- (d-sprt), verb- To make unhappy; depress

Molest- (m-lst), verb- To bother or to harm

Retaliate- (r-tl-t), verb- To strike back

Flay- (fl), verb- To beat wildly, without aim

Stark- (strk), adjective- Unrelieved; complete

Poise- (poiz; pwz), verb- To be balanced in a certain position

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