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Fighting Off the Sharks for a Fish Vocabulary

Fighting Off the Sharks for a Fish


Resolve: (r-zlv) noun- Intention; determination — verb- To decide or make a decision about

Tranquil: (trngkwl) adjective- Peaceful

Momentarily: (mmn-tr-l) adverb- For a short time

Agility: (-jl-t) noun- Nimbleness; quickness

Disconcert: (dskn-srt) verb- To confuse; upset

Thrash: (thrsh) verb- To move about wildly

Totter: (ttr) verb- To be unsteady; rock or shake

Appease: (-pz) verb- To satisfy; soothe

Stabilize: (stb-lz) verb- To become steady

Adhere: (d-hr) verb- To stick to; stay attached

Prospect: (prspkt) noun- Something expected; a possibility — verb- explore

Impenetrable: (m-pn-tr-bl) adjective- Incapable of being passed through or broken into

Palatable: (pl-t-bl) adjective- Fit to be eaten; pleasant to the taste

Slake: (slk) verb- To satisfy thirst

Devoid: (d-void) adjective- Completely lacking in; without

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