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The Sea Devil Vocabulary

September 20, 2003

Period 5


The Sea Devil


Ebb: (b) verb- To become less; To recede or flow back

Abruptly: (-brpt) adverb- Suddenly

Pliant: (plnt) adjective- Easily bent; flexible

Causeway: (kzw) noun- A raised road, often above water

Exhilaration: (g-zl-rshn) noun- Excitement

Simultaneous: (sml-tn-s) adjective- Happening at the same time

Teeming: (tm-ing) adjective- Crowded or full

Mottled: (mtld) adjective- Covered with spots of different colors and shapes

Taut: (tt) adjective-Tight; tense

Furrow: (fr) noun- A groove

Impede: (m-pd) verb- To interfere with

Alien: (l-n, lyn) adjective- Foreign; strange and unfriendly

Tenacious: (t-nshs) adjective- Hard to get rid of; stubborn

Pinion: (pnyn) verb- To tie or bind

Lacerate: (ls-rt) verb- To tear, or cut jaggedly

Imminent: (m-nnt) adjective- About to happen

Preeminence: (pr-m-nnt) noun- Condition of holding first place in a particular grouping

Drone: (drn) noun- A lazy person; a low, continuing sound.__verb- To make a low, continuing sound

Placid: (plsd) adjective- Quiet; peaceful

Dogged: (dgd, dgd) adjective- Persistent; stubborn

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