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Water-The Essential Molecule

Water-The Essential Molecule

Many of us take water for granted.  We think of water as an inexhaustible resource forever available for our use. We should think again.  There are many steps to bring water to our home faucet, but there are also many ways water can be wasted despite the great effort put into getting running water in our houses. There is a concept we must all recognize: water conservation – the management, protection, and wise use of water resources.

In early civilizations, water wasn’t readily available in homes and faucets. People had to get water from a well and they only had a limited supply of it. Times have changed since then and people now take advantage of always having running water. There are many uses of water. They include drinking, cooking, cleaning, power generation, and farming. In other words, water is essential to our growth and development as human beings.

We don’t have any substitute for fresh, pure water and even if we don’t think of a solution to conserve our water right now, we will need to in the future. The lack of fresh water will be a problem in the future and we’ll regret wasting water if we don’t start conserving it. Conservationists now worry that by wasting such a great amount of water each day, we may not have any more for future generations. That is why we should start conserving water and not wasting it.

There are many ways that people waste water; taking extremely long showers and not turning off the water when brushing teeth, are very common. Other ways people waste water are not checking for leaky toilets, pipes, and faucets which can be devastating. Also, running dishwashers and washing machines when they are not full wastes many gallons of water. With all of these ways that people can waste water, it all adds up to a potential, long term drought. A drought is a period of no or very little rain and it means that there can be a limited amount of water allowed to be used. When it gets to this point, every little bit of water has to be very carefully used, or we may not have any more water left to use.

Some things that people do as a habit can greatly contribute to greater water consumption, limiting the water available for both the community as well as themselves. When you see people purposely letting the faucet run freely, don’t you want to tell them to stop it? Or, when you see someone water the lawn on a day that was rainy, don’t you feel so frustrated? These different habits in which people waste a valuable amount of water harm themselves since they have to pay all of the bills and harm the community by wasting all of the water from the town’s supply. There are also many odd habits that people have, like watering a lawn. We do not need a green lawn but simply want one so that we can flaunt our beautiful lawns in the front of our houses. Plants, trees, and grass will eventually get their moisture that they need and won’t die out that easily. The bottom line is the availability of drinking water is more indispensable than a green lawn.

You can conserve water outside the house by washing a car with a sponge and bucket or adjusting sprinklers so only the lawn is being watered. By simply not using water so much in our everyday activities, water can be tremendously saved and can be preserved for future generations. We want life to last a long time and with water, so we can be more comfortable and refreshed. In conclusion, when using water in any way, think twice!

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