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English Unit Test Quiz

April 20, 2004

Period 5

Unit Test Quiz

  1. Which selection talks about freedom, equality, and opportunity?
    1. Thank You Mam
    2. Mother to Son
    3. I Have Dream
    4. The Bishops Candlesticks
  1. How is Monsieur Doumic from The Bishops Candlesticks similar to the Bishop?
    1. He will be generous
    2. He will invite Valjean to sleep in his house
    3. He will not prejudge a person
    4. He will turn Valjean away
  1. The original crime t hat sent Valjean from The Bishops Candlesticks to jail was
    1. Theft out of necessity
    2. Theft out of greed
    3. Murder
    4. Assault
  1. The mood of The Bishops Candlesticks is
    1. Sad
    2. Humorous
    3. Adventurous
    4. Romantic
  1. In The Ugly Duckling, why did the champion in the Tournament of Love fail to answer the simple riddle, What is it that has four legs and barks like a dog?
    1. He was stupid
    2. He was being funny
    3. He didnt want to marry the Princess
    4. He had been paid not to
  1. In The Ugly Duckling, Dulcibella is
    1. A servant
    2. A maid
    3. A cook
    4. A courtier
  1. In The Ugly Duckling, Dulcibella is all of the following except
    1. Beautiful
    2. Clever
    3. In love with Eg
    4. Cooperative
  1. In The Ugly Duckling, the second godmother decides to prevent the Princess from growing up spoiled and willful and vain by causing her to
    1. Grow up as a tomboy
    2. Dislike flattery
    3. Think she was ugly
    4. Appear plain until her wedding day
  1. In The Ugly Duckling, the play makes fun of royalty by showing the King and Queen to be all of the following except
    1. Rather foolish
    2. Ruled by Custom
    3. Somewhat Dishonest
    4. Rather timid and shy
  1. In The Ugly Duckling is like a fairy tale in all of the following ways except one. Which is the exception?
    1. The main characters are royalty
    2. The Chancellor wore horn-rimmed glasses
    3. The ending is a happy one
    4. The Princess had two godmothers
  1. Who is the speaker in Between the Lines?
    1. A king
    2. A fairy godmother
    3. An unmarried woman
    4. Unknown
  1. What is the mood in Between the Lines?
    1. Happy and jubilant
    2. Angry and depressed
    3. Confused and worried
    4. Belligerent and savage
  1. In I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the narrator give the least information about her?
    1. Hobbies
    2. Private feelings
    3. Parents
    4. School days
  1. In I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, which best describes the author as the student?
    1. A good, but shy, student
    2. A good student, but a daydreamer
    3. A poor student and a troublemaker
    4. A poor student, often a truant
  1. What was Mark Twains first novel published?
    1. The Gilded Age
    2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
    3. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    4. The Prince and the Pauper
  1. In Mother to Son, the two things being compared are
    1. A child and an adult
    2. A crystal staircase and a journey through life
    3. A dilapidated staircase and a journey through life
    4. The good life and the bad life
  1. In The Prince and the Pauper, Father Andrew taught Tom
    1. Lines from the bible and the new testament
    2. History and geography
    3. Latin
    4. Mythology and French
  1. Tom was grateful he found

a.       The princes diary

b.      A history book

c.       The Great Seal

d.      A book about proper court manners

  1. As a reward, Hendon asked the king for
    1. Permission to sit in the kings presence
    2. Banishment of his brother Hugh
    3. The hand of Edith in marriage
    4. Money and lands
  1. Hendon planned to
    1. Watch over the boy and cure him
    2. Take the boy to the palace
    3. Seek a ransom for the boys return
    4. Take the boy to the ghetto
  1. If the king escaped from John Canty, Hendon believed he would head for
    1. The royal palace
    2. Hendon Hall
    3. Sourhwark
    4. Westminster
  1. The hermit told Hendon that
    1. He had never seen the boy
    2. Two ruffians carried the boy away
    3. He had sent the boy on an errand
    4. He had left
  1. Blake Andrews
    1. Furnished liquor to some prisoners
    2. Showed Miles the letter telling of his death
    3. Gave Miles current news
    4. Helped Hugh plot Sir Richards death
  1. Two female prisoners who comfort Edward in jail are
    1. Set free
    2. Publicly flogged
    3. Put in the stocks
    4. Burned at the stake
  1. Edward was a ______ king
    1. Merciful
    2. Domineering
    3. Merciless
    4. Arrogant

True or False

Mark Twain outlived all of his children

Twain had become identified with wearing a blue suit

Olivia Landmark was the wife of Twain

The persona of Mark Twain developed in the New York Territorial


Some of the characters within his novels are based on people he met on

the Mississippi

The two kindly women burned at the stake in The Prince and the Pauper

were Christian

Edith really didnt know Miles Hendon when he came back

King Henry believed that his son had gone made because he had been

studying too hard

Miles wanted to kill the hermit after learning that he was tricked

When Miles arrived at Hendon Hall, everyone knew him






Free Verse

Short Answer

  1. How does The Prince and the Pauper relate to the unit theme of A Search for Values?
  2. What are some things that Edward encountered along his journey that he disliked?
  3. How did Tom handle his position as the king of England? Explain.

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