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Random Story 2

Exiting the shop, someone suggested that they should visit the famous Jade Temple. Outside, they met a foreigner holding a map and asking for directions to the Jade Temple. As a result, they headed together towards the temple. Along the way, he said that he came to Thailand in order to buy sapphires and rubies to take back to Britain for huge profits. At this point, the couple was baffled at how everyone was mentioning the precious stone business. Once they reached the Jade Temple and admired the magnificent building, they saw the British man seeming bored and exhausted.

It was during this time that Li Zhang realized all the people they had met belonged to the same network of jewelry shops. Everyone was pretending, acting, and improvising ingenious schemes to trick unsuspecting tourists into buying more precious stones. They returned to the hotel the same day and went to the jewelry shop inside. Li Zhang and Hang Zhang told the owner of their experience and he said that all the local people were aware of the situation. The prices of the precious stones were extremely expensive and most tourists bought huge amounts of the stones, unknowing they were being tricked.

In a first hand account, Zhang Li said, The Thailand trip always brought back bad memories. The beautiful scenes of the country are darkened by the conspiracy we encountered. In retrospect, we could have done many things differently. Yet, without experience like this, we would always be the unsuspecting tourists in a strange environment. Now we are more alert when we travel and we do more research before we go on trips.

As Zhang Li learned, people could be very manipulating and deceiving when dealing with merchandizing.

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