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Vocabulary Story

October 27, 2003

Vocabulary Story

There was once the grandest ship of them all and the fastest too. It would undergo the journey of traveling around the world and it would encounter countless dangers along the way. Along the crew members of this particular ship was a professor named John Williams. He was a prominent teacher at the University of Oxford and well respected. The starting point of their journey would begin in England, their homeland. Then, off to the Atlantic Ocean they proceeded and traveled numerous days, very well aware of the adventure ahead. After a while, the days seemed to drift by and nothing happened aboard. Finally, there was a giant sea monster which rose from beneath the murky waters, vehemently looking down upon them. It then struck the mast of the ship, managed to rip one apart, and left as quickly as it had come.

Sensing that the monster was a danger to the welfare of the ship and passengers, the professor and captain decided to hunt it down. There had been rumors that this monster had attacked many other ships and mysteriously departed. As the ship, Abraham Lincoln, marched forth, all the faces of the crew were determined to capture this monstrous beast and live to tell the tale. They traveled for about two days, aimlessly searching for the mystic creature. On the third day, an even perplexing thing happened. A submarine, out of nowhere, had emerged from the waters and explained that it too, had been searching for the animal. When the professor John Williams entered the massive submarine, he viewed prisoners who seemed to generate the power for the motors. This and the fact that the captain of the ship, Captain Nemo was unheard of lead him to believe that they were criminals. He vowed to keep a wary eye on him and his followers. The Abraham Lincoln proceeded with its route and left Captain Nemo to search for the creature that had attacked them

By now, they had crossed the Atlantic Ocean and were now entering the Pacific Ocean through the Panama Canal. Along the way, they encountered the problem of an oyster that had attached itself to the ship and eaten away at the wood. From this, they had a gigantic leak in the ship and they were damaged. They had to stop for repairs and rest. After this long awaited break, they continued and soon found an iceberg which was a trap so they couldnt get past. They planned to go around it, but luckily the professor had a new invention called the Nautilus and it could drill through anything, even ice. At last, the iceberg was drilled through and the Abraham Lincoln was on its way once again.

After leaving the Pacific Ocean, they entered the Indian Ocean where they fought a giant squid the size of the whole ship. They used cannons and guns, but everything seemed useless. Then once they penetrated the skin, the squid sought for cover and knew it would die if it didnt. The courageous efforts of the crew and captain had fought off the largest thing they have ever seen and lived. Our friends then got caught in a maelstrom below the Cape of Good Hope and somehow got back to England.

They knew they had a great story to tell their family and friends, but the two year journey left an impact on all of their lives.

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