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Hello, my name is Laura, the friend of Alissa. Alissa has always been my best friend since I was little and just recently, she said that I made her crazy sometimes. It was such an insult and a giant bruise to our relationship. I guess she isnt my true friend anymore. Alissa has always been agreeing with everything everyone says and doesnt speak her thoughts. I mean, she never says anything new or has any new opinions or ideas. I just wanted to go with Alissa and her other friends one day when I heard that Alissa has said awful things about me behind my back and that she didnt want me to come, even though she was my best friend. It just makes me so damaged and depressed that my best friend had put me down and that she wasnt faithful to our friendship and me. Now, I dont know if I could ever forgive her anymore and be her friend again. I dont even think shell apologize or even realize what she did. Now that she has done this to me, it leaves a giant hole in my heart and dignity. How could Alissa ever do something like this, so harsh and unpredictable?

I have taken in some consideration and thought and I have come up with the outcome of my decision. If Alissa doesnt soon change or apologize, Im never going to be her friend anymore. If she does change, Ill make two things clear: one, being that she should never always agree with everything that everyone is saying, having no self-opinions and the other being that she should never ever say things behind my back. I just still cant believe that she could still want to be my friend, even if she calls me names and betray our friendship. Well, my definition of loyalty would be to absolutely never talk behind someones back and always be there to help them when they need it. You have to be generous sometimes and helpful at other times. Devotion, allegiance, and trustworthiness all describe loyalty. Alissa has to learn how to be loyal, be a friendly person, and speak for herself or no one would like her or want to be her friend. Its just how everyone thinks and acts toward others.

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