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Essay about the dress code

Dear Board of Education,

The topic of implementing a school dress code has escalated to a serious problem we have to face now. In order for students to have a safe and effective learning environment, I believe we should create a dress code for the school district. In this way, students would be benefited because the code would create a basis or guideline for what would be appropriate to wear in school and the school would have organization to promote proper attire. Without a dress code, students would be able to wear anything they would like and it could bring havoc.

First of all, we all know that oversized pants are unsafe and students could trip over them. With the implementation of a district dress code, students would then be wearing safe, less risky clothing that wouldnt cause any harm. For example, polyester clothing has a potential to catch fire and melt on students clothing. Cotton clothing could prevent such a disaster. Serious consequences may occur if no action takes place and someone might gravely injure themselves. If this were to happen, a parent or guardian may then press charges against the school and possibly go to court. For the welfare and health of the students, a dress code would be the best solution for the school.

With the new addition of a dress code, a guideline and rules for students to adhere to would be created. Based on the regulations, students would then understand what is appropriate or inappropriate to wear in school. This new school code could also include other issues such as wearing hats, sunglasses, clothing with obscene or profane language, and beach wear. If students were allowed to wear anything they wished, then some students may be offended. Also clothing may advertise drugs, alcohol, violence, racism, or smoking and influence peers to take part in such activities. Also those students who wear clothing that show excessive skin wouldnt show formality in a school surrounding and it would be too revealing to others. In order for the school to become free from any sort of negative influence or consequence, a dress code would set straight the rules that need to be followed.

Lastly, a school dress code would maintain good order in school and pupils would dress in somewhat formal attire that is proper in school. We need to enforce the fact that school isnt a playground or beach, but a public establishment that needs to be taken seriously. Clothes should be neat, clean, inoffensive, safe, and decent, while promoting positive behavior in the classroom. The first step is to create a dress code and if all else fails, school uniforms should then be introduced. With a universal dress code, students would then wear more appropriate clothing and the learning process would be accelerated by limiting distractions.

The application of a dress code is essential for a school, much like any other rules of conduct and behavior. Other than the safety of pupils, a dress code would be a principle for what students should buy as school clothes and parents should be responsible and survey what clothes their children buy. Thus, with a dress code, distractions would be minimized and students will be able to concentrate more on schoolwork.

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