Greece Report, Part 2


Polynices has been denied burial rites.  Can Antigone manage to give her brother a proper burial?
Oedipus the King
A plague will end when the murderer of King Laius is caught.  What will become of Oedipus?
Oedipus at Colonus
When an oracle predicts that the burial city of Oedipus will have a good fortune, both of his warring sons want Oedipus.
Lysistrata is frustrated with the Peloponnesian War and the weaknesses of women.  Can she bring peace to the world and prove her point?

Greece Report, Part 1


Comparing with Today’s Structural Design

Much of today’s architecture originated from ancient Greece.  It is easy to make a comparison with any building.  For example, our basic post and lintel construction, we need to give credit to the Greeks.  Don’t stop there, for there are many more architectural features to explore!

The bottom-resting place of the upright timbers is a sill.  The sill outlines the foundation of a building.  It is made of heavy, strong timber.

A proud cap stood at the top of a column.  A cap is generally a simple block of wood though.

The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

A coffin is a case in which a corpse is buried. The Egyptian’s coffins were often very elaborately decorated.  Red, brown, yellow, blue, and turquoise are all on the coffins at the Rosicrucian Museum.  These coffins are filled with writing inside and outside.  I noticed that all the writing was done in black.  On the bottom of one of the coffins feet are painted.  Each coffin has a different face painted.  The personal characteristics of the one who died are painted.  This way each coffin is different.

A sarcophagus is where the coffin is placed for burial.

Ancient Plants

To tell the truth, modern plants are almost the same as the old ones.  One difference however, is that many plants are used differently.  A plant though is still a plant.  Plants then had roots, and leaves and stems, just like now.  Actually, I think it is the other way around.  Plants today are like the old ones then.  Anyways, I have arranged the plants into five groups: food, spices, flowers, trees, and everything else.  There isn’t any other way to sort them.  I should get on with this report and not take all day.

San Diego Mission

Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                            page1

Chapter One:     Beginning of the Mission                              page2

Chapter Two:  Materials Used to Build the Mission             page3

Chapter Three: Purpose of the Mission                                   page4

Chapter Four:  Mission Layout                                              pages5-6

Chapter Five:  Mission Life                                                   page7

Chapter Six:    Advantages of the Mission System               page8

Chapter Seven: Disadvantages of the Mission System           page9

Chapter Eight:  The Mission in Later Years                           page10

Chapter Nine:    Illustrations and extra stuff                          pages11-

Bibliography                                                                           page