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Level II

1. What is the etiology and mechanism of the disease?

It is of Western European Descent. The disease works from the gene level. The Huntington gene contains a section of C-A-G bases. When there is an excess of these bases (which code for glutamine), Huntington usually develops. Because there are so many glutamines, the

Huntington protein folds into a different shape than normal. Huntington interacts with other proteins especially in the brain. Researchers believe that a protein cuts Huntington and the pieces go into a neuron nucleus. This builds up. The true purpose of the clumps of the pieces of the Huntington protein is not clear. What Huntington does is a mystery. It starts before much cell death has occurred and it shrinks the brain.

How does an understanding of the disease influence the treatment?

How does an understanding of the disease influence the treatment?

Black Boy and Chanclas Vocabulary

September 30, 2003

Period 5



Black Boy and Chanclas

Gaunt- (gnt), adjective- Thin; underfed-looking

Hostile- (hstl, -tl), adjective- Unfriendly

Baffle- (bfl), verb- To puzzle or confuse

Insistent- (n-sstnt), adjective- Demanding

Still- (stl), verb- To quiet; calm

Restriction- (r-strkshn), noun- A limit

Dispirit- (d-sprt), verb- To make unhappy; depress

Molest- (m-lst), verb- To bother or to harm

Retaliate- (r-tl-t), verb- To strike back

Flay- (fl), verb- To beat wildly, without aim

Stark- (strk), adjective- Unrelieved; complete

Fighting Off the Sharks for a Fish Vocabulary

Fighting Off the Sharks for a Fish


Resolve: (r-zlv) noun- Intention; determination — verb- To decide or make a decision about

Tranquil: (trngkwl) adjective- Peaceful

Momentarily: (mmn-tr-l) adverb- For a short time

Agility: (-jl-t) noun- Nimbleness; quickness

Disconcert: (dskn-srt) verb- To confuse; upset

Thrash: (thrsh) verb- To move about wildly

Totter: (ttr) verb- To be unsteady; rock or shake

Appease: (-pz) verb- To satisfy; soothe

Stabilize: (stb-lz) verb- To become steady

Adhere: (d-hr) verb- To stick to; stay attached

Prospect: (prspkt) noun- Something expected; a possibility — verb- explore

The Sea Devil Vocabulary

September 20, 2003

Period 5


The Sea Devil


Ebb: (b) verb- To become less; To recede or flow back

Abruptly: (-brpt) adverb- Suddenly

Pliant: (plnt) adjective- Easily bent; flexible

Causeway: (kzw) noun- A raised road, often above water

Exhilaration: (g-zl-rshn) noun- Excitement

Simultaneous: (sml-tn-s) adjective- Happening at the same time

Teeming: (tm-ing) adjective- Crowded or full

Mottled: (mtld) adjective- Covered with spots of different colors and shapes

Taut: (tt) adjective-Tight; tense

Furrow: (fr) noun- A groove

Impede: (m-pd) verb- To interfere with

The Metamorphosis According to Grete


Monday, April 28, 2003

The Metamorphosis According to Grete

I awoke one morning and noticed my brothers door was still locked. I hear my mother knocking on his door and realize he was still home. That lazy brother! I cant believe he hasnt left for work yet! But, perhaps hes sick – he hasnt missed work in five years.

Gregor? Arent you well? Do you need anything?, I ask knocking on his door. I really hope he would get up soon so he could catch the next train and make it to work. He cant get fired, we depend on his money.

Preterito o Imperfecto

Preterito o Imperfecto?

1. Cuando sus padres le (decir) que ella (ir) a mudarse, ella (estar) triste porque (estar) alegre en la ciudad.

Dijeron; iba; estaba; estaba

2. En la granja, Mara no (tener) amigos. Ella (querer) una nueva vida.

Tena; quera

3. Luego, sus padres le (dar) una perrita. Mara (ser) muy feliz cuando (jugar) con ella.

Dieron; era; jugaba

4. Un da, Fluffy se (escapar) desde la casa. Mara la (buscar).

Escap; busc

5. Por fin, despus tres das, ella la (encontrar) debajo de un rbol.


Facts about the Shang Dynasty

Shang Dynasty

  • Existed around 1700 B. C. to 1122 B.C.
  • People believed in an afterlife in which they would be reunited with ancestors.
  • First official dynasty of China
  • Rulers, priests, warriors lived within walled cities while farmers and skilled craftsmen live outside
  • Archaeologists have found written records on bronze containers and oracle bones (shoulder blades of oxen and other large animals carved with writings, tortoise shells, etc.).
  • Oracle Bones were used to predict the future.
  • Historical records also carved on tortoise shells
  • Shang kings ruled in northern parts of China.

Twins and Parents

The experiments we conducted on D1S80 of chromosome 1, and Alu markers of chromosome 16 lead us to the following conclusions about the twins and their parents. But we must take note that there is a large margin of error. First off, the experiment was conducted by a high school molecular biology class. Though we took extreme precaution to use sterile equipment, there is always a large margin of error due to possible cross contamination of DNA. Also, the procedure to swish and spit with saline is not one of the most efficient ways to obtain mitochondrial and nuclear DNA. And also, due to limited resources and time, we could not use the best technology to conduct these tests. But most importantly, we only used two markers (D1S80 and Alu), where most laboratory tests use atleast 8 markers. Furthermore, Alu can only disprove that people are twins by showing different results, but cannot prove relationship with identical band patterns. With that said, we would like to turn your attention to the analysis of the results.

Waksman Challenge

Our group accepted the Waksman Challenge and embarked on an educational journey of independent research. Our goals in the beginning were to discover certain genes in the cDNA library that would cause the worms to become doubly defective in both egg laying and embryonic development. If this is the case, then the bacteria in the positive RNAi tube would be sent to Rutgers for analysis and sequencing.

Upon completing 639 RNAi plates, our class had four positive genes and one ambiguous genes. However, of our four positive genes, some (maybe all) could be housekeeping genes common to both humans and Caenorhabditis Elegans. The silencing of housekeeping genes couldve disrupted embryonic development by disabling the cells normal maintenance patterns.