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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

One of the most prominent and significant figures in society is Gaius Julius Caesar, the dictator and monarch of Rome. His importance is transcendent even to this day, through every single one of his reforms and the legacy that surrounds him. In later centuries, illiterate tribesmen who knew little of Rome had heard his name and it is notable that, even today, his is one of few names which are recognized, however imperfectly, as illustrating the might of Rome ( Said to be a man of the people, Caesar used the people of Rome in order to gain power as a populist. He additionally restructured the Roman government and society into an efficient powerhouse of an empire. Without inspirations such as the likes of Caesar, where would all the powerful, influential people of the world come from?

The Broken Heart Analysis

John Donne Poem Analysis

Sunday, March 03, 2002

The Broken Heart is one of many works written by renowned metaphysical poet John Donne. This poem describes the pathetic plight of the narrator who denounces love out of heartbreak. For after being in love an hour, the sparks between him and his betrothed soon decays. Moreover, the narrator continues his moping saying that I brought my heart into the room, but from the room, I carried none with me. He is in utter anguish over the loss of his lover creating the image of a shattering heart: Love, alas, at one first blow did shiver it as glass. And in a final pathetic display of misery, the narrator claims that his rags of heart can like, wish, and adore, but after one such love, can love no more.

The Future

Master the Basics: The Future

When the World Wide Web began in 1990, few suspected how successful it would become. There are now millions of websites and billions of web pages. But as many people are well aware, the Web can be painfully slow. Most people still connect to the Internet using 56 Kbps modems and telephone lines. Because the data-carrying capacity of telephone lines, known as bandwidth, can be low, receiving electronic data may take a long time. New technology promises to address this problem.



  1. In the north, there were the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, which in a sense separated the entire Indian Subcontinent from the rest of Asia. The mountains provided an area of isolation that allowed India to flourish and prosper in its own way. The Ganges River Valley and the Indus River Valley both provided the water sources for civilizations to grow upon. As different peoples settled and sprouted up like the Aryans, Dravidians, and Harappans, the Indian subcontinent enabled them all to thrive on the Deccan Plateau, a region of hills with lush plains. Finally, the Khyber Pass and Arabian Sea allowed a connection to the outside world. The mountains to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south provided a feeling of security and allowed Indian culture to be preserved and untouched for countless years.

If I Had It My Way

If I Had It My Way

One day, the hobos, Fred and Frederick, were roasting hot dogs over a fire. They were tired and exhausted from trying to get into the amusement park, which was now behind them and dark because everyone had left a long time ago. They were very mad and frustrated that they couldnt have fun at the place they had always dreamed of going. This was what had happened earlier. Fred and Frederick were walking up to the ticket booth person and asked if they could go in. The ticket booth person said that they needed a ticket. Then, Fred and Frederick hesitated, and went on through the entrance. The ticket booth person held them back, but they fought through. The ticket booth person called security and the officer came right away. He threw them away and didnt let them come back in. The manager of the amusement park just so happened to walk by and he told them that its not right to walk in the amusement park without a ticket. Now, at night, they are still sitting near the entrance. If I had it my way


January 29, 2004

Valuable Thing


Valuable things are meant to be beneficial and indispensable. In my case, the intelligence I have is something that I would never want to give away. Many things can be achieved with intelligence and its essential in order to achieve in life. Intellect is what gets people far in life, guiding them to success and well-being. Without it, Im just any average person, only completing the minimum for any given task and not achieving any more. What do people like the president, doctors, lawyers, rich individuals, Bill Gates, and celebrities have in common? The answer is intelligence. Humans all need it to survive and adapt. I wouldnt take a million dollars to exchange my intelligence. Oh wait, I dont know about that, I might have to think it over intelligently.

Internet Density Lab

September 30, 2003

Internet Density Lab



Float (Y/N)



Density (Mass/Volume)



19.5 g

14 cc




4 g

5 cc




78 g

29 cc




11 g

9 cc




135 g

7 cc




2 g

21 cc




99 g

Hollywood and the Pits


Hollywood and the Pits

The main character of this story, a young Chinese girl with the last name Lee, tries to become a child star. At first, she was a very successful actor when she was little. She performed with her sister and they were a very good team. She was successful because she was cute and short. She was also smart and would take the role as a five-year-old since she could memorize her lines a lot better than any five-year-old could when she was nine. She got a lot of roles when she was younger, but when she turned fifteen, she got a lot taller and her mom was amazed. She couldnt even get used to it and would keep knocking into things; her clothing didnt fit, and she turned normal. Everything from then on was misfortunate and she would usually not make any character at an audition.

About me

Something I Hope to Do Someday would be to go to France. France has so many attractions and historical monuments. Anyone would spend about three weeks or more there to go to every famous place. France has beaches to skiing and Paris. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Napoleons Tomb, the Louvre, and many other attractions. I cant see anyone not wanting to go to France. France also has great delicacies, sport events, and weather. France has almost everything that there is to do.

My Superheroes

Amy Ba

She has an amazing ability to change her shape. She uses her long legs called pseudopods to change shape when moving around, obtaining food, and fighting evil villains. Amy Ba is like jelly and is a very prominent superhero that captures crooks by enclosing them with her legs or pseudopods. She traps them inside and waits for the police come. She has caught countless burglars and also famous international villains such as Mr. Red Tide.

Di Atoms