English Unit Test Quiz

April 20, 2004

Period 5

Unit Test Quiz

  1. Which selection talks about freedom, equality, and opportunity?
    1. Thank You Mam
    2. Mother to Son
    3. I Have Dream
    4. The Bishops Candlesticks
  1. How is Monsieur Doumic from The Bishops Candlesticks similar to the Bishop?
    1. He will be generous
    2. He will invite Valjean to sleep in his house
    3. He will not prejudge a person
    4. He will turn Valjean away
  1. The original crime t hat sent Valjean from The Bishops Candlesticks to jail was
    1. Theft out of necessity
    2. Theft out of greed
    3. Murder

The Story of Kalulu and His Money Farm

Kalulu and His Money Farm

A Story from the Mashona Bantu People

In the tales about Kalulu he is usually advising or scolding, trying to be an important person.

One planting time, just before the seasonal rains started, the chief ordered each animal to grow one certain crop. He told Warthog to grow the yams, Baboon the corn, Elephant the sorghum, and so on. But Kalulu the Hare, the big show-off, spoke up and said:

Chief, give me a bag of money and I will grow such a large crop that you will be rich.

Random Story 2

Exiting the shop, someone suggested that they should visit the famous Jade Temple. Outside, they met a foreigner holding a map and asking for directions to the Jade Temple. As a result, they headed together towards the temple. Along the way, he said that he came to Thailand in order to buy sapphires and rubies to take back to Britain for huge profits. At this point, the couple was baffled at how everyone was mentioning the precious stone business. Once they reached the Jade Temple and admired the magnificent building, they saw the British man seeming bored and exhausted.

Ananse and His Visitor, Turtle

Ananse and His Visitor, Turtle

A Story from the Ashanti People

Ashanti tribe who created a group of tales about Ananse, a cunning spider that tries to outwit his neighbors. He seldom succeeds.

It was almost time for Sun to sink to his resting place when Turtle, tired and dusty from hours of wandering, came to Ananses house in the middle of a clearing in the woods. Turtle was hungry and the appetizing aroma of freshly cooked fish and yams drew him to approach Ananses door and to knock. Ananse jerked the door open. When he saw the tired stranger he was inwardly annoyed, but it was an n unwritten law of his country that one must never, no never, refuse hospitality to a passer-by.

Vocabulary Story

October 27, 2003

Vocabulary Story

There was once the grandest ship of them all and the fastest too. It would undergo the journey of traveling around the world and it would encounter countless dangers along the way. Along the crew members of this particular ship was a professor named John Williams. He was a prominent teacher at the University of Oxford and well respected. The starting point of their journey would begin in England, their homeland. Then, off to the Atlantic Ocean they proceeded and traveled numerous days, very well aware of the adventure ahead. After a while, the days seemed to drift by and nothing happened aboard. Finally, there was a giant sea monster which rose from beneath the murky waters, vehemently looking down upon them. It then struck the mast of the ship, managed to rip one apart, and left as quickly as it had come.

Mini Fables Quiz



  1. The Crow tricks the Fox into giving him grapes – False
  1. The country mouse stays for a long visit with the town mouse – False
  1. The town mouse turns up his nose at the food offered by the country mouse – True
  1. A young mouse proposes that a bell be attached to the Cat’s neck – True
  1. The grasshopper saves food for the winter – False

State the moral of each of the following fables:

Belling the Cat: It is easy to propose impossible remedies

Letter to a Customer

Dear customer,

Our company policy is to ensure our customers the best quality and price for all our items in the store. We have all the value and service you need to get your item(s) quickly and enjoyably. We are a company of Uncapped individuals and live in different parts of the White Mountains (Alps) where we manufacture these products for you so you can use. We dont share our methods of making these products to anyone. Our secret has led into business so good people can once again live freely on Earth. The formula of PRICE + SERVICE = VALUE has been used throughout this companys history. This is the company rule to treat customers. We have to have price and service to succeed.


Hello, my name is Laura, the friend of Alissa. Alissa has always been my best friend since I was little and just recently, she said that I made her crazy sometimes. It was such an insult and a giant bruise to our relationship. I guess she isnt my true friend anymore. Alissa has always been agreeing with everything everyone says and doesnt speak her thoughts. I mean, she never says anything new or has any new opinions or ideas. I just wanted to go with Alissa and her other friends one day when I heard that Alissa has said awful things about me behind my back and that she didnt want me to come, even though she was my best friend. It just makes me so damaged and depressed that my best friend had put me down and that she wasnt faithful to our friendship and me. Now, I dont know if I could ever forgive her anymore and be her friend again. I dont even think shell apologize or even realize what she did. Now that she has done this to me, it leaves a giant hole in my heart and dignity. How could Alissa ever do something like this, so harsh and unpredictable?

The Tell Tale Heart Composition Review

May 2, 2004

Composition Review #3

In The Tell Tale Heart, the characters plan is mainly to take the life of the old man with the vultures eye. He planned to go into the old mans room without a sound and see if his Evil Eye was open. With the utmost care, the narrator had slowly progressed in breaking into the room without the old man noticing. He stated how wisely I proceeded- with what caution- with what foresight- with what dissimulation I went to work. The narrator aroused no suspicion into the matter by being congenial to the man and comforting him each night.

Essay about the dress code

Dear Board of Education,

The topic of implementing a school dress code has escalated to a serious problem we have to face now. In order for students to have a safe and effective learning environment, I believe we should create a dress code for the school district. In this way, students would be benefited because the code would create a basis or guideline for what would be appropriate to wear in school and the school would have organization to promote proper attire. Without a dress code, students would be able to wear anything they would like and it could bring havoc.