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Lies and deceit bring only troubles and worries.

A good deed is always returned with ill.

A bit of generosity can change a life and bring happiness.

Two levels of character, the Poet, the Host, the Miller, the Reeve

Two levels of character, the Poet, the Host, the Miller, the Reeve.

On an April day, twenty-nine pilgrims leave the Tabard Inn for Canterbury; Chaucer places Robyn the Miller at the head of the pilgrimage with the Host, Harry Bailey.

The Knights tale, epitomizing the genre of courtly love, initiates Chaucers Canterbury Tales on a proper


Classicism (sometimes referred to as neoclassicism) is the principles and aesthetic attitudes emphasizing form, simplicity, proportion, and emotional restraint based on the culture, art, and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. Classicism in literature is predominately inspired by antiquity and characterized by the faithful adherence to ancient aesthetic ideals rather than individual expression. Furthermore, classical poetry was written with an aura of pride and denotes the imitation of Greek and Latin themes [as well as] the imitation of Greek and Roman literary forms in composing works on any theme (137 Preminger) Either way, classical writers maintained a rationality and universality [in] their themes (139 Preminger). Notable English classical writers are John Dryden (1631-1700), Thomas Rymer (1641-1713), and Alexander Pope (1688-1744) (139 Preminger). Their poems were inherently conservative, prideful of the ancient ideals, and express distrust in innovation and change. In Essay on Criticsm, Alexander Pope describes the philosophy of classical poetry as:

A Virtual Tour of the Louvre Museum

A Virtual Tour of the Louvre Museum

On May 8th, my sixth grade French class visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Actually, we did a virtual tour of the place. There were nine available places in the Louvre on camera. They include:

1.    Oriental Antiquities Galleries

2.    Egyptian Antiquities Galleries

3.    Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities Galleries

4.    Sculptures Galleries

5.    Objets dart Galleries

6.    Paintings Galleries

7.    Prints and Drawings Galleries

8.    Medieval Louvre

9.    Architectural Views

Trivia Questions

Trivia Questions

1. What happened on the coast of Normandy on June 1944?

Answer: D-Day took place.

2. Why is Bayeux famous?

Answer: It is now the location for one of the Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries. It is where the soldiers from D-Day were buried. 2 million visitors come there every year.

3. What is buried under the Arc de Triomphe?

Answer: An unknown soldier.

4. Where is the Palace by the Sea

Answer: At the town of Nice.

5. What town is known for producing 70 million gallons of wine each year?

Mars Expresss

Mars Expresss

December 14, 2003, Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: What is the Mars Expresss purpose? When will the Mars Express reach Mars?

Early/Pre-observations: –The Mars Express will reach Mars during Christmas

-The Mars Express is a spacecraft from Europe

-The Mars Express took a photo 5.4 million km away, which shows the camera is working.

Questions: –What will the Mars Express be doing at Mars?

-Are there any specific experiments it will perform?

-What countries are involved in this expedition?

boost memory

boost memory

October 25, 2003,   Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: How can exercise boost memory? How does age affect memory boost?

Early/Pre-observations: –An exercise routine could help memory improvement

-With age, one type of memory automatically improves

-There are physical differences between brains that have a better memory than others

Questions: –What do you do to improve your memory?

-Does physical health affect mental health?

-What aspect of memory improves with age increase?

Hypothesis: By exercising and losing weight, people could increase their memory. Exercise tends to reduce the amount of tissue lost as age increases and losing weight will improve how glucose regulates. Improved glucose regulation is associated with better memory.

Tanker May Cause Disastrous Oil Spill

Per. 3  Tanker May Cause Disastrous Oil Spill

How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause

How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause

September 20, 2003, Period 3  Current Events

Problem/Objective: How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause? How much money will it cost to repair the damages?

Early/Pre-observations: –This involves the whole east coast

-The hurricane is extremely large and powerful

-The hurricane will weaken slightly as it moves up north

Questions: –Where will the hurricane mainly be hitting?

-How can Americans prepare for this storm?

-What are the forecasts on the storm?

Woman Caught in Child Abuse Case

Per. 3   Woman Caught in Child Abuse Case