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boost memory

boost memory

October 25, 2003,   Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: How can exercise boost memory? How does age affect memory boost?

Early/Pre-observations: –An exercise routine could help memory improvement

-With age, one type of memory automatically improves

-There are physical differences between brains that have a better memory than others

Questions: –What do you do to improve your memory?

-Does physical health affect mental health?

-What aspect of memory improves with age increase?

Hypothesis: By exercising and losing weight, people could increase their memory. Exercise tends to reduce the amount of tissue lost as age increases and losing weight will improve how glucose regulates. Improved glucose regulation is associated with better memory.

Experiment: Stan Colcombe, a researcher at the University of Illinois-Urbana says that frequent cardiovascular exercise reduces the amount of tissue you lose as you age. Losing less brain tissue means more memories. Colcombe also looked at MRI scans and discovered that the people who were physically fit had a better memory than others. Finally, Dr. Antonio Convit of the New York University School of Medicine found that losing weight improves how you regulate glucose, which affects memory.

Data Collected: An exercise routine helps put the brakes on memory loss. There are many triggers that make parts of the brain regenerate themselves. One trigger involves your fitness level. Therefore, Cardiovascular exercise thats frequent would reduce the amount of tissue lost. Another trigger is losing weight, which helps glucose regulation. It affects the hippocampus, the part of the brain dealing with memory. People with poor glucose regulation could make the hippocampus smaller. Even a brisk 30-minute walk a few times a week could help your memory. An important part of the memory is called Intelligent Memory and is acquired with knowledge and experience according to the book Intelligent Memory. Intelligent Memory is stored memories and skills learned over time and the brain uses this knowledge to help it learn automatically.

Conclusion: By just doing a bit of exercise a few times a week could help your memory. By exercising, you could lose weight and improve glucose regulation. Also, Intelligent Memory improves with age since it stores memories and skills over time so you are wiser. In conclusion, the best way to increase memory is exercise, in the same sense as how exercise keeps you healthy.

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