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Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain


Sabado, el quince, de febrero

Llueve y hace fresco

Temperatura maxima: sesenta y seis

Temperatura minima: treinta y cinco

Domingo, el deici-seis, de febrero

Esta nublado y hace sol

Temperatura maxima: sesenta y ocho grados

Temperatura minima: treinta y cuatro grados

La estacion es ________________

What If The Moon Didnt Exist?

What If The Moon Didnt Exist???

The hypothetical what if? questions we ask ourselves are so profound that there are endless possibilities. This discussion will be asking what the world would be like if its astronomical environment were different. Considering the nebular hypothesis eventually producing our solar system, a process termed the butterfly effect could have occurred. Even the most microscopic change would cause a chain reaction of various events leading to conditions conclusively differing from today.

We will begin our journey with the origin of the moon and the effects on Earth, were it to be nonexistent.

Black Boy and Chanclas Vocabulary

September 30, 2003

Period 5



Black Boy and Chanclas

Gaunt- (gnt), adjective- Thin; underfed-looking

Hostile- (hstl, -tl), adjective- Unfriendly

Baffle- (bfl), verb- To puzzle or confuse

Insistent- (n-sstnt), adjective- Demanding

Still- (stl), verb- To quiet; calm

Restriction- (r-strkshn), noun- A limit

Dispirit- (d-sprt), verb- To make unhappy; depress

Molest- (m-lst), verb- To bother or to harm

Retaliate- (r-tl-t), verb- To strike back

Flay- (fl), verb- To beat wildly, without aim

Stark- (strk), adjective- Unrelieved; complete

King John

December 21, 2003

Period 1

Vocabulary Essay

Unit 3

King John

Young John was plowing his fallow plot of land, sweating beneath the beaming sun overhead. He would occasionally go into his hut for a break, but poverty had coerced him into working everyday. His parents had tragically passed away when he was a child and all they left for their son was a measly little home and a small field of land. Eventually, John had grown up and learned to farm and get by without anyones help. He was always looking for a way out of this harsh life and would often muse about a life in luxury.

Winter Poem



This is the best time of year.

Every kid should have to see.

Stockings lined up over here.

Presents are under the tree.

During this great holiday,

Santa will come to the town.

Riding past here on his sleigh,

With all nine reindeers downtown.

With snow falling on the ground,

I am sleeping with no sound,

Even though people are abound.

Little I know its Christmas.

Inside, the food is ample.

Who dare take a big sample?

Looking outside, I see snow.

How does an understanding of the disease influence the treatment?

How does an understanding of the disease influence the treatment?

The Prince and Misconception

March 22, 2004

Period 1

Vocabulary Essay

The Prince and Misconception

Within the vast dungeon of doom and glory lay the young prince of the land, conceiving what to do about his fathers interruption. His cunning little mind was going over the days events. It was his thirteenth birthday and it was supposed to be a time of celebration. However, his fathers profound attitude as a troublemaker and his audacity got in the way.

Worker Union



First of all, let me introduce myself and my partner. We are the Presidents of a workers union and want to be treated fairly and with dignity. Instead of being treated like pieces of equipment, we should be valued and appreciated since it is we who do all of the dirty work. We are also required to submit urine drug tests on the risk of losing our jobs and can be punished by our political views. We should be able to express our thoughts and feeling towards political views and have the choice of submitting urine drug tests. It is prejudiced how our fellow workers have to obey things that we dont want to do. If we dont want to do it, then we should be able to refuse to obey, but then we will lose our jobs.



Level II

1. What is the etiology and mechanism of the disease?

It is of Western European Descent. The disease works from the gene level. The Huntington gene contains a section of C-A-G bases. When there is an excess of these bases (which code for glutamine), Huntington usually develops. Because there are so many glutamines, the

Huntington protein folds into a different shape than normal. Huntington interacts with other proteins especially in the brain. Researchers believe that a protein cuts Huntington and the pieces go into a neuron nucleus. This builds up. The true purpose of the clumps of the pieces of the Huntington protein is not clear. What Huntington does is a mystery. It starts before much cell death has occurred and it shrinks the brain.

The Kidnapping of the Prince

April 21, 2004

Period 1

Vocabulary Essay

The Kidnapping of the Prince

Upon the lofty throne sat an apathetic prince who thought dreamily about when he would become king of his fathers empire. This conception made him revel in his imagination and think of all the riches he would inherit. Before long, he strode towards his bedchamber and apparently flung himself into a deep, tranquil sleep. Little did he know that two kidnappers were secretly planning to take him during the night.