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A Virtual Tour of the Louvre Museum

A Virtual Tour of the Louvre Museum

On May 8th, my sixth grade French class visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Actually, we did a virtual tour of the place. There were nine available places in the Louvre on camera. They include:

1.    Oriental Antiquities Galleries

2.    Egyptian Antiquities Galleries

3.    Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities Galleries

4.    Sculptures Galleries

5.    Objets dart Galleries

6.    Paintings Galleries

7.    Prints and Drawings Galleries

8.    Medieval Louvre

9.    Architectural Views

Woman Caught in Child Abuse Case

Per. 3   Woman Caught in Child Abuse Case

Algeria Earthquake Death Toll at 1,000

Algeria Earthquake Death Toll at 1,000

Mars Expresss

Mars Expresss

December 14, 2003, Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: What is the Mars Expresss purpose? When will the Mars Express reach Mars?

Early/Pre-observations: –The Mars Express will reach Mars during Christmas

-The Mars Express is a spacecraft from Europe

-The Mars Express took a photo 5.4 million km away, which shows the camera is working.

Questions: –What will the Mars Express be doing at Mars?

-Are there any specific experiments it will perform?

-What countries are involved in this expedition?

boost memory

boost memory

October 25, 2003,   Period 3, Current Events

Problem/Objective: How can exercise boost memory? How does age affect memory boost?

Early/Pre-observations: –An exercise routine could help memory improvement

-With age, one type of memory automatically improves

-There are physical differences between brains that have a better memory than others

Questions: –What do you do to improve your memory?

-Does physical health affect mental health?

-What aspect of memory improves with age increase?

Hypothesis: By exercising and losing weight, people could increase their memory. Exercise tends to reduce the amount of tissue lost as age increases and losing weight will improve how glucose regulates. Improved glucose regulation is associated with better memory.

How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause

How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause

September 20, 2003, Period 3  Current Events

Problem/Objective: How much damage could Hurricane Isabel cause? How much money will it cost to repair the damages?

Early/Pre-observations: –This involves the whole east coast

-The hurricane is extremely large and powerful

-The hurricane will weaken slightly as it moves up north

Questions: –Where will the hurricane mainly be hitting?

-How can Americans prepare for this storm?

-What are the forecasts on the storm?

Tanker May Cause Disastrous Oil Spill

Per. 3  Tanker May Cause Disastrous Oil Spill

Sickle-Cell Disease

What is it?

Sickle-Cell Disease is a genetic disorder that affects the blood. People produce an abnormal form of hemoglobin. Sickle-shaped red blood cells cannot carry as much oxygen as normal shaped cells.


Describe the Genetics.


You would inherit sickle-cell disease from your parents, who may be carriers with the sickle cell trait or parents with the sickle cell disease. In order to inherit the sickle cell hemoglobin, you are born with it and if you inherit one sickle gene, you have the sickle cell trait (meaning that you will produce both normal hemoglobin and abnormal hemoglobin. You will usually not have symptoms of the disease). If you inherit two sickle cell genes, you have the sickle cell disease. The allele for the sickle cell trait is most common in people of African ancestry and the allele for the sickle cell trait is codominant with the normal allele.

multicellular heterotrophs

Locker #349, Per.1
Summary of Science Notes

We are going to go onto a magical and awesome trip into the animal kingdom. Here, we will find animals that are multicellular heterotrophs whose cells lack cell walls. There are two types of phylums for the Animalia Kingdom- vertebrates which have backbones and invertebrates that have no backbone. Within these groups, they share common ancestors. We are going to venture into the far expanses of the creatures sponges and cnidarians, one of the simplest animals.


September 23, 2003

Period 3

HW Questions

Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. There are different aspects of matter including boiling and melting temperatures.

Matter can be divided into mixtures and substances. Mixtures contain at least two kinds of matter and there is either a homogeneous mixture or heterogeneous mixture. Homogeneous means that all the samples are the same throughout and heterogeneous means that not all samples are the same. Also, substances include elements and compounds. Elements contain only one type of atom and compounds contain more than one type of atom.