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Ancient Plants

To tell the truth, modern plants are almost the same as the old ones.  One difference however, is that many plants are used differently.  A plant though is still a plant.  Plants then had roots, and leaves and stems, just like now.  Actually, I think it is the other way around.  Plants today are like the old ones then.  Anyways, I have arranged the plants into five groups: food, spices, flowers, trees, and everything else.  There isn’t any other way to sort them.  I should get on with this report and not take all day.

San Diego Mission

Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                            page1

Chapter One:     Beginning of the Mission                              page2

Chapter Two:  Materials Used to Build the Mission             page3

Chapter Three: Purpose of the Mission                                   page4

Chapter Four:  Mission Layout                                              pages5-6

Chapter Five:  Mission Life                                                   page7

Chapter Six:    Advantages of the Mission System               page8

Chapter Seven: Disadvantages of the Mission System           page9

Chapter Eight:  The Mission in Later Years                           page10

Chapter Nine:    Illustrations and extra stuff                          pages11-

Bibliography                                                                           page


Across Five Aprils

The book Across Five Aprils is about Jethro Creighton, a boy who grows up during the Civil War.  Jethro has read stories about war, but realizes what real war is like when war starts.  Jethro lives on the Illinois, Kentucky border. His family owns a farm on which Jethro helps.

At the beginning of the book, Jethro is nine years old.  Jethro is the youngest of many children.  His brothers and cousins must go join the army.  Only he and his sister, Jenny, stay.  As the years pass he misses his many relatives. Jethro and Jenny in their spare time read the newspaper. The newspaper is full of stories about generals and battles.  Jethro and Jenny receive many letters.  The letters contain more details about battles than the newspapers have.

West Point

When visiting West Point during the field trip, I learned numerous interesting and fascinating facts about the history and the creation of the military academy. Starting in 1778, George Washington started West Point and it is the oldest army post, always having soldiers in residence there since then. On July 4, 1802, the military academy was opened with ten cadets, students at the military college, and five teachers. Now, there are about 4,000 cadets, 700 of those women. Rooms have to be very neat and there are two to three cadets per room. Some buildings on the campus include a bowling center, offices, a library, and a post office. Dennis Mickey, who was challenged by Navy in a football game, and graduated at West Point, has a stadium named after him that seats 40,000 people. Along the campus grounds, hundreds of monuments and statues were built in remembrance of deaths in battle and famous generals. There is a Chapel that can seat 1,500 people and was built in 1910 with military gothic architecture made of only granite that is 200 feet long, 56 feet high, and 72 feet wide. There are thousands of pieces of stained glass along the walls of it made by the Willet Company. Also, there is the 3rd largest organ console and the largest church pipe organ in the world with over 22,000 pipes, 32 feet at the largest and the length of a pencil at the smallest is inside. Another interesting thing is that there is a row reserved for the current superintendent in the front row with a silver plate and their name on it. In contrast, demerits are given out as a result of bad deeds and one would have to walk in the courtyard with a rifle back and forth, thinking about what they did wrong.

The Sea Devil Vocabulary

September 20, 2003

Period 5


The Sea Devil


Ebb: (b) verb- To become less; To recede or flow back

Abruptly: (-brpt) adverb- Suddenly

Pliant: (plnt) adjective- Easily bent; flexible

Causeway: (kzw) noun- A raised road, often above water

Exhilaration: (g-zl-rshn) noun- Excitement

Simultaneous: (sml-tn-s) adjective- Happening at the same time

Teeming: (tm-ing) adjective- Crowded or full

Mottled: (mtld) adjective- Covered with spots of different colors and shapes

Taut: (tt) adjective-Tight; tense

Furrow: (fr) noun- A groove

Impede: (m-pd) verb- To interfere with

Unique Me

Unique Me

What Happened?

What Happened?

Look into the eyes of a child and you will see innocence and modesty,

A pure spirit venturing out into life without a care in the world.

They are oblivious to the future destined upon them

While frolicking through challenges presented to them.

It is the calm before the storm and the progression of time

Only transforms them with the taste of maturity.

All the jealousy, hate, vanity, conceit, and inhumanity

Coalesce as temptations for this young, conscientious being.

Look into the eyes of a teenager and you will see blackness,

Fighting Off the Sharks for a Fish Vocabulary

Fighting Off the Sharks for a Fish


Resolve: (r-zlv) noun- Intention; determination — verb- To decide or make a decision about

Tranquil: (trngkwl) adjective- Peaceful

Momentarily: (mmn-tr-l) adverb- For a short time

Agility: (-jl-t) noun- Nimbleness; quickness

Disconcert: (dskn-srt) verb- To confuse; upset

Thrash: (thrsh) verb- To move about wildly

Totter: (ttr) verb- To be unsteady; rock or shake

Appease: (-pz) verb- To satisfy; soothe

Stabilize: (stb-lz) verb- To become steady

Adhere: (d-hr) verb- To stick to; stay attached

Prospect: (prspkt) noun- Something expected; a possibility — verb- explore

Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain


Sabado, el quince, de febrero

Llueve y hace fresco

Temperatura maxima: sesenta y seis

Temperatura minima: treinta y cinco

Domingo, el deici-seis, de febrero

Esta nublado y hace sol

Temperatura maxima: sesenta y ocho grados

Temperatura minima: treinta y cuatro grados

La estacion es ________________

What If The Moon Didnt Exist?

What If The Moon Didnt Exist???

The hypothetical what if? questions we ask ourselves are so profound that there are endless possibilities. This discussion will be asking what the world would be like if its astronomical environment were different. Considering the nebular hypothesis eventually producing our solar system, a process termed the butterfly effect could have occurred. Even the most microscopic change would cause a chain reaction of various events leading to conditions conclusively differing from today.

We will begin our journey with the origin of the moon and the effects on Earth, were it to be nonexistent.